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Bihar is the name of the most luminous, golden era of the world-history. Bihar was, is and will be the brain of Bharat whereby, we, the poeple of Bharat, inspired and illumined the whole world. Buddha, Chaanakya, Patanjali and Mahaaveera were the brains and intellects of our Nation. We, in the past, created an intellectually and spiritually rich-world..

I feel that the world again has become poor in the fields of spirituality and intellectuality and need s immediate Spiritual - Intervention. For this, the world needs an awakened Bhaarat and its active and awakened brain that is Bihar.....So, let all the Biharis of the world, be united and let us come forth to build an awakened world.

By The Founder

Bihar Bhakti Aandolan is a registered TRUST. Some years ago, when a campaign against BIHAR was on and there was constant BLACK-SHADOW on CULTURAL and SPIRITUAL advancement of this BUDDHA-BHOOMI

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